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  • Bonde Do Role - 'Tropical Bacanal' Vinyl
  • Bonde Do Role - 'Tropical Bacanal' Vinyl

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Bonde Do Role - 'Tropical Bacanal' Vinyl

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Bonde Do Role's Tropicalbacanal Vinyl LP includes:

A “Hellish Viewer” with vinyl that transforms album artwork into a crazy, dirty hell scene!

Track Listing

Side A
1. Arrastão (Feat. Mixhell)
2. Kilo (English Version)
3. Brazilian Boys (Feat. Ce'Cile)
4. Dança Molengo (Feat. Rizzle Kicks)
5. Pucko
6. Bang (Feat. Kool A.D.)
Side B

7. Picole
8. Baby Don't Deny It (Baby Doll de Nylon) (Feat. Caetano Veloso and Poolside)
9. Kanye
10. Banana Woman
11. Tilelê
12. Baile Punk (Feat. The Death Seat and DJ Chernobyl)