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10LEC6 - 'Bone Bame' Vinyl

In the first ever partnership between Ed Banger Records and Mad Decent, French band 10LEC6 (pron. dix-lec-six) unveils their new album Bone Bame. Vocalist Nicole sings, raps and shouts in Bulu (a Bantu dialect spoken in the South of Cameroon) on the eight track album. The new project perfectly sums up the band’s hallmark: “A bassline that nobody understands, crazy percussion and an earworm of a vocal gimmick.”

Track List:
01 Bedjem Mebok
02 Etam Enabe
03 Ayong Ya Yop
04 Quakerz
05 Augusta (feat. DVNO)
06 Make Madjeng
07 What Dat Azz Do?
08 Bone Bame