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Project Paradis - 'Paradis 2 Deluxe' 2LP Vinyl

Mr. Carmack and Promnite have teamed up for a series of projects under the alias Project Paradis. Fusing gritty experimental sound design, hard-hitting production and dynamic machine-like soundscapes, Carmack and Promnite introduce a dystopian future where human freedom has come to an end with technological singularity manifesting itself in the form of tyrannical, artificially intelligent, all-robotic corporations, with one such corporation — Project Paradis© — whose purpose is to further the advancement of singularity.

Carmack and Promnite delve deeper into the universe of Project Paradis© with Paradis 2 Deluxe — an intricately embossed gatefold with a double-vinyl comprised of both Paradis 1 and Paradis 2. The experience deepens with details such as raised soundwaves, scannable barcodes and detailed blueprints of the machines that have taken over.


Side A
Run It
Mob Life

Side B 
Mob Life (Tsuruda Remix) 
ODO (Eprom Remix) 
Run It (Alpha Remix) 

Side C
Stockholm Syndrome
Cut 11
Cut 22

Side D
Give In